Thursday 19 March 2015

The Background Story

Some background on the ride and myself

First things first, a huge thank-you for read my story.

“You have epilepsy”, words no 60 year old one wants to hear. All of a sudden you have no driver license, job and thrown into a situation you have little knowledge about. I was blacking-out everywhere and at anytime. 

I was having what is refereed to as partial seizures 2 and 3 times a day. As it turned out, the prescribed drugs didn't get me under control the first year, 2013. Controlling epilepsy with drugs is simple not a definitive science. In fact non of the alternative surgical options are as well . With drugs it takes time to see how the brain is going to react. That was late 2012 through 2013. During that time I had a couple of job, however, as you can image this situation puts the owner in a bad position. As a business you just can't have people passing out during work hours  and understandably so. I quit one job and was let go of a couple others. 

July 2014 I spent 2 weeks in the seizure monitoring unit at Foothills Hospital, Calgary. I was connected to a computer with electrodes attached to my head and monitored 24 hours a day for 2 weeks. The length of these cables allowed me to walk about 15 meters to the washroom and an exercise bike. What amazing groups of professionals within the Epilepsy Program. Many different disciplines doing their part. The SMU has four beds total. To express my thanks to all the Doctors, disciplines and supporting staff I want to raise some funds for the SMU. I am cycling through the Canadian Rockies to bring some awareness to Adult Epilepsy and raising funds for that department of Clinical Neuroscience. Please help if you can, even a little mean so much. Details; 

Because the epilepsy is not under control, I had to forfeit my driver's license late 2012. In 2013 I cycled just under 1300km to work and back with a few short road trips. Last year, 2014 was tougher, being in the hospital and stuff the distance dropped to around 500km. It's a tough adjustment to life, and thank everyone who has helped me along the way. I hope Ride the Rockies for Epilepst gets you excited to take part by either joining the ride or donating if you can. Every little bit helps. Pass by story on to someone you think would like to take part in some way.

Further back in time:
In 2010, after surgery and recovery to remove a membrane from my left eye, I celebrated with a cycling trip North up HWY 766/22 to Jasper. I stayed a few days and cycled back South on HWY 93 through Glacier National Park. This was a solo bike tour around 1000km. During the trip I met all kinds of people, had some great food at local restaurants and bistros.

Hinton, Alberta. Looking at the mountains I would be in that day.

Cam Keith

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