Sunday, 1 May 2016

Start the Tour 2016

I could be on the road as soon as the end of next week (May 13, 2016)
This is a layout of the tour. A rough draft with no time attached along the way, at lest at this point in time. This route is approx. 2200. km long

I do feel left out in the cold and rain this year.
Few seem interested in standing beside me with support and interest in epilepsy and what that may mean to people, people like you. Please donate to your local Health Care system to help neurosciences find a cure. ‪#‎EpilepsyAwareness‬

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Donate to Ride the Rockies for Epilepsy

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Summer 2016 (intro) - #SMUbikeTOUR

 Hi everyone - Happy Easter.
I am changing my fund-raising approach this year as I will not be traveling in a circuit as last year. The route is not finalized at this point either, however, it looks like I'm riding North, then to Saskatoon at some point, on to Kanosse Lake in SE corner of Saskatchewan. I will spend a little time there then it is back home to Calgary for a rest. After a reat I will be heading into BC and stopping at Swan Lake, the most beautiful place you can imagine.

So what is the change? I am asking you to donate by pledging to the cause per km that I ride. I have my personal needs taken care of this year (thank-you), so all funds will go to help the seizure monitoring unit / Foothills Hospital Calgary through Calgary Health Trust.

Currently I am trying to set things up so you can fallow me on my tour using Google Maps. There will be more photos this year I promise and more, there is always facebook an Instagram  to see this country side with me.

Please, if you have any question ask and I say thank-you for your help. Did you know 1 in 5 people have epilepsy? They need our help.


Would you like to sponsor the ride? It's a great way to show your support and be with the community. Please contact me anything for details.
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Donate to Ride the Rockies for Epilepsy

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Calgary Health Trust -

Donor Spotlight - Cam Keith

redengine | December 06, 2015
In 2012, Cam Keith’s life changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Unable to get the seizures under control with medication Cam lost his driver’s license and was unable to hold a job.
In 2014, Cam spent two weeks in the seizure monitoring unit at Foothills Medical Centre.  Connected to a computer with electrodes attached to his head he was monitored 24 hours a day. The length of these cables allowed him to walk about 15 meters to the washroom and an exercise bike.
That time gave the opportunity to think about the incredible people who were trying to make a difference to his life.
“[It’s an] amazing groups of professionals within the Epilepsy Program. There are many different disciplines doing their part,” said Cam. “To express my thanks to all the Doctors, disciplines and supporting staff, I wanted to raise some funds for the Seizure Monitoring Unit.”
In 2015 Cam decided he would cycling through the Canadian Rockies to bring some awareness to Adult Epilepsy and raise funds for that department of Clinical Neuroscience.
  1. When did you first start supporting Calgary Health Trust? 
In the summer of 2015 I did a bike tour across the Canadian Rocky Mountains to raise funds for the Seizure Monitoring Unit at Foothills Medical Centre. I biked approximately 2,000 km throughout the month of July and spoke to people I met along the way about Epilepsy to raise funds and create awareness. 
  1. What motivated you to start giving to Calgary Health Trust? 
I wanted to raise funds to help people in the Seizure Monitoring Unit at Foothills Medical Centre.  In 2012, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 60 and I spent two weeks in the Seizure Monitoring Unit in 2014. The care I received was excellent.  I wanted to thank the people in the unit – everyone from the surgeons to those that sweep the floors.  Their professionalism and how they treat patients is amazing. 
  1. What do you hope your gift is doing to make a difference in health care?
I hope it can help purchase better equipment for health care providers.  The knowledge they have is immense and top shelf and probably can’t be any better. But with new technologies, equipment can always be improved.
  1. What would you like to say to others who are thinking about giving to Calgary Health Trust?
It is absolutely of value to pay it forward and knowingly help others through donations.  It settles the heart. I know there are huge million dollar donations given, but you get the same good feelings when giving smaller amounts too.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Ride Map

I wanted to share my map of the ride this year with you. I just finished putting it together and wanted to share.
The Black dot indicate campsites and rest area where I stayed.
The map is mad up from 15 images using Google Maps.

Friday, 31 July 2015

The ride comes to an end

This years ride ended on a good note. Although it became a solo ride, which I took advantage to recharge the soul. The amount raised was relative I guess. However, look at it this way, any amount of money raised was greatly excepted.

I had the opportunity for many conversations along the way. It is pretty easy to get attention being the white haired guy pulling a trailer on a bicycle through the mountains. Few would attempt doing this, and truth be known there where a couple of times I wondered it I could, but I did it and with little discomfort. I covered approx. 2000km on my tour bike and along with that raised a little awareness about adult epilepsy.

This very small, but very proud gift will go to the Seizure Monitoring Unit, Foothills Hospital in Calgary to help purchase equipment needed to help them help patients.

I will be doing a recap of the ride at a later date.
Thanks everyone who donated in some way.

I'd like to share one thing, The first part of this music mix help me through a few spots. Just wanted to put it out there. Check this motivation mix out... I love it and it's on my smartphone

Talent mix 26 Sander Ghielen Eeloquence 1daytrackcom

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Very Early on the 6th

Well, I am 90% ready to go. There are a few nutritional things, tires ordered and need to be installed a few personal items, some repairs for the bike and I am ready.

I wonder at times if I'm ready. The past 5 days I ridden over 300 km to get the legs warmed up and over 700 so far this year. My only hope is that there are no difficulties effecting the body because of the geometry difference between the tour bike and the road bike. We will see.

Check this motivation mix out... I love it and it's on my smartphone

Talent mix 26 Sander Ghielen Eeloquence 1daytrackcom

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Donate to Ride the Rockies for Epilepsy

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Personal Needs List for 2015

Maybe a little visually dull however, this is most important. I did put a couple of videos up on this subject but with more humor than planning. This is my official Needs list for the ride.

To make Ride the Rockies for Epilepsy happen, I personally need a few things put together. The cost associated is a close extreme and I need your help putting this together.

The ENTIRE list has been donated - I can't say thank-you enough to that person.

Needs List for the Tour Bike 2015

Acquired Item Approx.                                  Cost   Total Cost
Have Break cables
Have Derailleur cables
Need Patch kits for tube Deluxe                  $   3.80
Need Tubes for bike x 2 (26x2 Schnader)   $17.00
Need Tubes for Trailer x 2                           $  8.00
Have Basic tools
Have Multi-tool
Have Manual tire pump
Have Red Zeppelin (quick change danger)
Need CO2 canisters (quick change)              $11.50
Need Water bottle holder – trailer x2             $  9.50
Have Spokes x4
Have Spoke wrench
Have Chain tool
Have Links
Have Mnt Peddles
Have Bike Head Lamp
Have Bike Tail Lamp
Have Cog wrench
Have 14mm-17mm wrench
Bike Needs Total                                           $49.80

Have Tent
Have Ground sheet
Have Over sheet
Have Trailer
Have Panniers
Have Sleeping bag
Have Head lamp
Have Toilet paper
Have Face cloth
Have Small towel
Have USB power cable to 120v
Need Solar charger-Powermonkey extreme    $160.00
Have earplugs
Have Cloth pins
Have Candle Lantern
Have Body soap
Have Boots
Have Small Dia. Rope
Have Cold weather coat

Personal Needs Total                                         $160.00

Have Camp Stove
Have Camp fuel
Have Cooking pot set
Have Baker knife
Have Knife / fork
Need Fry pan
Have Camp Stove fuel
Have Water purification tablets
Have Flour
Have Salt
Have Salt/pepper
Have Baking powder
Have Peanut Butter
Need Raisins                                              $  5.00
Need Huts                                                  $15.00
Need Hummus                                           $  4.00
Need veggies                                             $  8.00
Donated Infinit Custom mix
Need Tea (bagged)                                    $12.00
Need Oat meal (instant 32 pck)                $20.00
Need oat meal                                           $  6.00
Need Canned food                                    $25.00
Need Couscous                                         $  4.00
Need Coffee                                              $20.00
Have Rice (instant, possibly)
Have Chop Sticks
Food Needs Total                                      $87.00

Have Small sewing kit
Have Duck tape
Have Hydrogen peroxide
Have Band-aids
Have Kleenex
Have Paper Matched
Have Cotton Balls
Have Flint stick
Have Whistle
Have Compass
Have Cable saw
Have Fire Sticks
Have Dryer lint
Have Extra Glasses / reading
Have Contacts
Have Contract solution
Have 2-way radio/phone

Emergency Needs Total                           $0.00
Grand total                                                            $296.80