Friday 31 July 2015

The ride comes to an end

This years ride ended on a good note. Although it became a solo ride, which I took advantage to recharge the soul. The amount raised was relative I guess. However, look at it this way, any amount of money raised was greatly excepted.

I had the opportunity for many conversations along the way. It is pretty easy to get attention being the white haired guy pulling a trailer on a bicycle through the mountains. Few would attempt doing this, and truth be known there where a couple of times I wondered it I could, but I did it and with little discomfort. I covered approx. 2000km on my tour bike and along with that raised a little awareness about adult epilepsy.

This very small, but very proud gift will go to the Seizure Monitoring Unit, Foothills Hospital in Calgary to help purchase equipment needed to help them help patients.

I will be doing a recap of the ride at a later date.
Thanks everyone who donated in some way.

I'd like to share one thing, The first part of this music mix help me through a few spots. Just wanted to put it out there. Check this motivation mix out... I love it and it's on my smartphone

Talent mix 26 Sander Ghielen Eeloquence 1daytrackcom

The Backstory
Donate to Ride the Rockies for Epilepsy

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