Tuesday 16 June 2015

Personal Needs List for 2015

Maybe a little visually dull however, this is most important. I did put a couple of videos up on this subject but with more humor than planning. This is my official Needs list for the ride.

To make Ride the Rockies for Epilepsy happen, I personally need a few things put together. The cost associated is a close extreme and I need your help putting this together.

The ENTIRE list has been donated - I can't say thank-you enough to that person.

Needs List for the Tour Bike 2015

Acquired Item Approx.                                  Cost   Total Cost
Have Break cables
Have Derailleur cables
Need Patch kits for tube Deluxe                  $   3.80
Need Tubes for bike x 2 (26x2 Schnader)   $17.00
Need Tubes for Trailer x 2                           $  8.00
Have Basic tools
Have Multi-tool
Have Manual tire pump
Have Red Zeppelin (quick change danger)
Need CO2 canisters (quick change)              $11.50
Need Water bottle holder – trailer x2             $  9.50
Have Spokes x4
Have Spoke wrench
Have Chain tool
Have Links
Have Mnt Peddles
Have Bike Head Lamp
Have Bike Tail Lamp
Have Cog wrench
Have 14mm-17mm wrench
Bike Needs Total                                           $49.80

Have Tent
Have Ground sheet
Have Over sheet
Have Trailer
Have Panniers
Have Sleeping bag
Have Head lamp
Have Toilet paper
Have Face cloth
Have Small towel
Have USB power cable to 120v
Need Solar charger-Powermonkey extreme    $160.00
Have earplugs
Have Cloth pins
Have Candle Lantern
Have Body soap
Have Boots
Have Small Dia. Rope
Have Cold weather coat

Personal Needs Total                                         $160.00

Have Camp Stove
Have Camp fuel
Have Cooking pot set
Have Baker knife
Have Knife / fork
Need Fry pan
Have Camp Stove fuel
Have Water purification tablets
Have Flour
Have Salt
Have Salt/pepper
Have Baking powder
Have Peanut Butter
Need Raisins                                              $  5.00
Need Huts                                                  $15.00
Need Hummus                                           $  4.00
Need veggies                                             $  8.00
Donated Infinit Custom mix
Need Tea (bagged)                                    $12.00
Need Oat meal (instant 32 pck)                $20.00
Need oat meal                                           $  6.00
Need Canned food                                    $25.00
Need Couscous                                         $  4.00
Need Coffee                                              $20.00
Have Rice (instant, possibly)
Have Chop Sticks
Food Needs Total                                      $87.00

Have Small sewing kit
Have Duck tape
Have Hydrogen peroxide
Have Band-aids
Have Kleenex
Have Paper Matched
Have Cotton Balls
Have Flint stick
Have Whistle
Have Compass
Have Cable saw
Have Fire Sticks
Have Dryer lint
Have Extra Glasses / reading
Have Contacts
Have Contract solution
Have 2-way radio/phone

Emergency Needs Total                           $0.00
Grand total                                                            $296.80

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