Tuesday 5 May 2015

Long Slow Rides

To get the body prepared for long hauls you need to build endurance on the bike. If you are feeling pain during the ride or after, it is pointing out adjustments that should be looked after. You should be comfortable on your ride all day. If you have pain of some sort either adjust the fitting your self, if minor or get a pro to fit the bike for you.

I did have a little pain in the triceps and neck that I will address prior to heading out today. Google Tricep pain on bike or knee pain on bike for example.

I shot this image about 75km into my 100km ride yesterday on HWY 8 East bound. Check out the mountains along the horizon.

I can still use lots of help with Ride the 'Rockies for Epilepsy' at. Please help, even a small amount makes a big difference.. Thank-you  Gofundme.com/RideTheRockies2015

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